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Pinnacle Group has been committed to delivering value to our customers from day one.  It is not about what our customers can do for us, rather what we can do for them.  Pinnacle Group customers will never be asked to meet minimum “sales goals” or sign lengthy contracts in order to receive “special” pricing.

All Pinnacle Group products and services are priced fairly and consistently and communicated via easy to understand price lists.  This allows us to deliver value to our customers every time they order a product or service, not at the end of our business year and only after you have met our requirements.  Value is measurable.

Because our founders have spent their lifetimes in service to families in need, they understand that service is more than a word. Service to families, community, and fraternal associations is the foundation upon which personal and business success is built.  Serving our community has been a privilege and we look forward to serving you in the same manner.

In manufacturing, quality is a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations, brought about by the strict and consistent adherence to measurable and verifiable standards to achieve uniformity of output that satisfies specific customer or user requirements.  ISO 8402-1986 standard defines quality as “the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.”

Both of the above definitions of quality are accurate, however neither tells the whole story.  After a product is manufactured it needs to be packaged, loaded, shipped, unloaded, unpackaged, inspected, warehoused, cleaned, prepped, and delivered to our customers.  Then, and only then, can quality be measured.

At Pinnacle Group we pride ourselves on the quality of each step in the product manufacturing and distribution lifecycle.   Because we do not manufacture all of the products we distribute we take extra care inspecting and prepping these products to ensure our customers experience consistently high quality.

And finally, our business is built on respect.  Respect for the funeral care industry, product partners, employees, and most importantly our customers.  Respect is what drives our decision making on a daily basis and ensures that Pinnacle Group always has our customer’s  best interests in mind.

We at Pinnacle Group look forward serving you and your client families.

"...Deliveries are always on time, set ups are always first class, and we are very happy with your products". 

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